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                                  Our Farm

Here at Red Ridge Farm, we believe strongly in the importance of local farms and in the agriculture of our town and state. The benefits of local growers is something that is evident in many areas of our daily lives from fresh healthy food, without chemical additives, to open beautiful pasture lands.  We primarily raise Hereford cattle for our own consumption and for sale but also grow everything from sunflowers and pumpkins to tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash in the summer months. We love living on a farm and the advantages it allows us, fresh veggies, grass fed beef, free-range eggs and open fields to play is something that we cherish and work hard to maintain and are very excited about sharing.


Our goal is to incorporate many aspects of our farm into the weddings held here on our land, along with that of other local farms and businesses. We raise grass fed cattle and contribute that to the menus offered by our recommended vendors and ask that caterers purchase locally sourced beef to serve at weddings in The Meadow.  Our plan is to ultimately one day provide pork and chicken, along with partnering with other local growers to provide locally grown produce along with products and services from local small businesses.


Our dream is to encourage, educate, and introduce people to life on a farm and to provide a place to get married that not only is beautiful and peaceful but also agriculturally productive and places emphasis on the quality of locally grown food.

We encourage you all, regardless of where you choose to get married, to support your local farm and to purchase locally whenever possible...the benefits are worth it!!


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